Friday, September 18, 2015

The Common Link Between Zombies and Many Mainstream Churches

Zombie movies and lit have made a huge comeback and the resurgence doesn't seem to be slowing down any. I am not sure why zombies are so popular or why we are so fascinated with the macabre. I guess death or the fear of a gory death will always have some fascination for us.

The living dead are grotesque creatures who really don't do much other than wandering around looking for more people to bite and devour. And we all know what happens when someone gets bitten. They join the living dead and become a part of the masses of stinking dead.

I can't help but notice a similarity between zombies and many mainline Christians. There's not a lot of mental processing going on.  Like zombies, many "churched" people show up waiting to eat and digest what is being taught in their church with little or, no thinking involved.

One of my favorite illustrations, and I have used it on occasions in a couple of my books, is the story of a father and son team  working on putting a picket fence. The father shows the son how to trace around a cut out a picket, and then puts the son to work doing just that while he nails pickets to the fence in progress. Things seem to go along well until the father begins to notice that the pickets seem to be getting wider and taller as he continues to nail.

Finally he asks the son if he did what he had shown him to do. "Yes, " said the son, "I have been tracing around the pickets and cutting them out."

"You were supposed to trace around the pattern I gave you of the first picket, not each one after that."
No wonder the pickets were becoming distorted.

This is what has happened with how we are being taught to live out the teachings of Christ. Instead of learning to look directly at what Jesus taught ourselves in context with the culture and historical happenings of the time, Christians are feeding on what previous theologians have determined to be true. If the theologian got it wrong, then those beliefs are handed down from one group to the next. Soon we have nothing but distortion instead of truth.

Many churches do not encourage their members to think and delve for themselves. They send a message whether stated or subliminal that only the educated paid staff really has a right to teach. To that a say, "bunk."

One of the things Jesus is most known for is encouraging people to break away from the traditional, legalistic teachings and consider his teachings with fresh eyes and and open heart. We should never follow blind guides or we will probably fall into a ditch. (Matt. 15:14)

I you want to follow Jesus' truth  and teachings stop eating dead meat and learn to research and think for yourselves. It's the only true way to come alive in the true teachings of Christ.

In my next post I will share more about how you can learn to research for yourself.

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